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Argentina 20000 tons / year compound fertilizer production project

Project location: Argentina

Main equipment: twin roll extrusion granulator, pulverizer, mixer, screening machine, packaging machine and auxiliary machine

Production raw materials: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, rotten animal powder

Feeding particle size: ≤ 0.5mm

Finished product particle size: ≤ 5mm

The processing raw materials of the 20000 tons / year compound fertilizer production project in Argentina are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, P, K and powdered organic fertilizer. The finished products can be used as compound fertilizer for local crops, and can also be sold as commodities and even exported. The process flow of this project mainly includes crushing, mixing, granulation, screening and packaging.

In January 2022, Argentinean merchants contacted us by e-mail, hoping to get a quotation for the process and equipment of the compound fertilizer processing production line with an annual output of about 20000 tons. We contacted and communicated with the customers at the first time, determined that the production raw materials produced by the other party are mainly nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and fermented organic materials, and provided the shape and area map of the existing site that can be used for the project. Since then, our engineering and technical personnel have designed suitable processes for raw materials, capacity requirements, terrain and area, and provided quotations for the equipment and equipment models required by the process flow. At the same time, through investigation and comparison with several equipment manufacturers, the customers finally selected Tianci heavy industry as the equipment supplier and service provider.

In April 2022, the equipment arrived in Argentina, and our technical personnel transferred to the Argentine customer company for many times to help the customer install the equipment on site and debug after installation. Up to now, the new equipment has been commissioned and has entered the formal operation stage, and has received good feedback from customers.

Comments from the customer representative (Merlín Atahualpa): the compound fertilizer equipment from China Tianci heavy industry has been mass-produced. Their service is very considerate and their technology is also very good.


Equipment model




Model 90 mixer 2 15kw


1.8T Feeding machine 1 11kw


DZJ3.0 Double roller Extrusion granulator 4 18.5kw/Set


1.5×5Screening machine 1 4kw


packer 1 1kw


500 Conveyor

Total 46m

Total power 12kw


1.2×1.2  Finished product silo 1  
Total     127kw

Post time: Aug-19-2022

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