Full granulation function and high production efficiency

Granular organic fertilizer production project of 30000 tons per year

Location: Malaysia

Equipment : Vertical crusher, Double Shafts Mixer, Rotary Drum Churning ,Granulator, Rotary Screening Machine,

Capacity: 30000TP Year

Input size: ≤0.5mm

Output size: 2-5mm

Application: Organic fertilizer production

After hundreds of Communications (including e-mail and telephone), our company has finally reached an agreement with customers from Malaysia to provide Malaysian customers with the process design, plant planning, and production equipment manufacturing and installation required for the 30000 tons / year organic fertilizer production and processing project.

In the early stage, after consultation and communication, the customer had a deep understanding of our company. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, customers can't go to the factory for on-the-spot inspection. Therefore, we provide VR video display certified by SGS, which shows the advantages of the company in many aspects from equipment quality, production process to company strength and company image, and provides the technical parameters of the required equipment.

To this end, the customer has provided up to 50 photos of available ground shapes of the project implementation site, and marked the dimensions in detail. According to the measured size and production requirements, our designers have demonstrated in many ways and designed a practical process plan. For the process scheme, the customer found experienced professionals in the local area to demonstrate the design scheme, and finally decided to adopt the design scheme of our company.

After determining the scheme, both parties signed the project contract. And start to manufacture the equipment required by the scheme according to the progress.

Process scheme and equipment of 30000 tons of organic fertilizer production line for Malaysian customers

The processing scheme of granular organic fertilizer production line is adopted.

The brief process of the process scheme is: mixing - Mixed Fermentation - crushing - granulation - drying - screening return - Coating - packaging for sale

Equipment manufactured for the scheme:

Raw material pretreatment stage: forklift and multi-functional crusher;

Mixed fermentation stage:TCPF20M composter;

Grinding process: BSFS110 high humidity material grinder, 1200 × 1500 type horizontal mixer;

Granulation process: YSL2-100 * 180 organic fertilizer new granulator;

Drying process: rotary dryer and cooler

Screening return material process: roller screening machine, to return unqualified products for heavy crushing and granulation

Coating process: coating machine

Packaging technology: automatic weighing and packaging machine

Dust removal process: water curtain dust removal

Post time: Aug-19-2022

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