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Introduction of organic fertilizer flat die granulation equipment

Organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer made from agricultural waste, livestock manure, urban domestic garbage and other organic substances through microbial fermentation. It has the advantages of improving soil, increasing crop yield and quality, and promoting agricultural recycling development. In order to meet the market demand for Manure, many enterprises have invested in the construction of Manure production lines, of which the flat die granulator is a commonly used granulator for Manure. This article will introduce its structure, principle, characteristics and precautions.


In addition to the main extrusion components, the flat mold granulator is also equipped with auxiliary components such as feeding device, discharging device, cutting blade device, transmission system, lubrication system, etc.

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When the roller rotates, the material scattered on the template is compacted into the small holes of the template. As the roller repeatedly passes through the new material, the material continuously penetrates downwards through the template, forming columnar particles. When the extruded particles reach a certain length, they are cut into columnar particles by a rotary cutter.

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1. Wide adaptability of raw materials: it can handle various raw materials with moisture content (15% -30%) and density (0.3-1.5g/cm3).

2. No need for drying: As the granulation process does not add water or additives, there is no need to dry the raw materials.

3. The template can be used on both sides: due to the uniform distribution of extrusion pressure on the entire template, the lifespan of the template can be extended.

4. High particle forming rate: Due to the uniform distribution of materials in the compression chamber, the particles are stable, the particle forming rate is high, and the finished particles have a uniform appearance and are not easily broken.

5. The entire granulation process does not add water, saving the cost of subsequent particle drying.

6. The requirement for the fineness of raw material crushing is not high, and granulation raw materials (after composting) generally do not need to be finely crushed. Small stones can be directly crushed, which is not easy to block the pressure plate mold hole

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Post time: Jun-12-2023

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