Full granulation function and high production efficiency

NPK compound fertilizer granulation production line

  • Production Capacity: 1-50 tons/h
  • Matching Power: 100kw
  • Product advantages:  Dry powder granulation process · No drying

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The NPK compound fertilizer production line is a compound fertilizer processing process production line with the Double roller extrusion granulator as the core granulation equipment. In this process flow, the characteristics of using dry powder for granulation without drying the materials are adopted by the counter roll extrusion granulator, which is used for the production line of special compound fertilizers using various fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic fertilizers, monoammonium, diamine and so on as raw materials.

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    Project Case

    Double-roll-extrusion-granulator-Customer-site jiantou_ri


    The 50000 tons per year NPK compound fertilizer counter roll extrusion granulator production line is mainly used for the processing of compound fertilizer, feed, chemical fertilizer, inorganic salt, ammonium fertilizer and other dry powder particles

    Double-roll-extrusion-granulator-Customer-site jiantou_ri


    As an important local fertilizer processing project, the 360 ton / day counter roll extrusion granulation production line requires a daily output of 360 tons. The fertilizer production line uses 24 counter roll extrusion granulation machines.

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